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In a period where hospitals are risking to be overcrowded and where people are recommended to stay home, we are especially glad to announce our latest e-shop – Quicktest. The company sells all different kinds of tests for finding out potential disorders (such as borrelia, thyroid gland, liver, iron deficiency and much more). The fast-growing company has sold an impressive amount of tests already (some tests have reached over 50.000 sold units). The IVD (In-vitro Diagnostic) tests are delivered for free directly home to your mailbox which makes it easy, convenient and affordable for you.

“Quicktest tests are designed for home use, that will not only give people security, they will also save lives – and we are proud of that” – Mattias Hultberg, Founder of Quicktest

Quicktest outsources all its logistics to the Prime Penguin network. As the customer base grows into more continents so do also the demand for having multiple warehouses. Prime Penguin is happy to grow with the company and looking forward to an exciting journey in the coming years together.

You can find out and read more about the tests here.


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