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Powerwoman is a force to be reckoned with. What started as a mission to create stylish sportswear for women that didn’t compromise with performance, is now a movement. 

They kick-started this year by outsourcing their entire warehouse to one of Prime Penguin’s 3PL partners in Sweden. Going from managing their logistics in-house to a scalable fulfillment operation. 

Through better routines and access to data, Powerwoman has been able to improve its margins. Shifting from large fixed costs to paying per order has also helped them become more resilient to seasonality.

No longer limited by their own order management capacity they are pegged up for growth!

“Prime Penguin is a great partner to outsource our logistics to while we can have the time to focus on expanding our business. By using their technology we can easily add more warehouses globally and connect all our systems to get full control of all flows and integrations”
– Anna Wretling,  Founder, Powerwoman

Powerwoman offers exclusively designed sportswear for women to enhance their capabilities, form, and power. Check out their products

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