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BAZE-1 | Norway’s largest influencer chose Prime Penguin

We are happy to announce that influencer Erica Kvam together with her brand Baze-1 has outsourced their logistics to one of Prime Penguins partners in Norway. 

BAZE-1 is created by Erica Kvam who is one of Norway’s biggest influencers with 205.6 k followers on Instagram and is established together with Fashion Tech group, which also is a co-owner of the brand.

Fashion Tech Group helps category-leading influencers & creators to create their very own product brand. This includes developing, manage, and scale authentic product brands for category-leading influencers who want to establish their lifestyle brand. They offers a seamless procedure regarding the concept, production, logistics, marketing, operations, and e-commerce solutions.

“Prime Penguin is a perfect solution for integrating multiple warehouses and to track all warehouse activities. We see Prime Penguin as a great platform where we can easily expand our logistics to the next country all through one single plug-and-play connection. It is the best logistics solution we can think of today and we are happy to grow our businesses together.”

–  Björn Påhlman Sprenger, Fashion Tech Group

Baze-1 logistics will be handled by one of Prime Penguin’s integrated logistics partners – a completely automated warehouse (3PL) in Norway. It is a futuristic warehouse where all the orders are completed by robots.

Prime Penguin has already great experience in providing logistics solutions for other big influencer brands such as Rebecca Stella, Bianca Ingrosso, Sanne Alexandra, Linn Ahlborg, and more and looks forward to continuing to be relevant for and attract this growing and highly interesting segment.


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