Modern Third Party E-commerce Policy

E-commerce businesses has the ability to provide products to countries in different parts of the world. However, businesses in foreign countries differ from one another and requires efficient logistics systems. Along with logistics, knowledge of modern third-party e-commerce policies of the country is required in order to operate the business in a hassle-free manner. Each country has its own pre-defined third party e-commerce policy for foreign e-stores that gets updated constantly, and therefore is of the essence to keep track of these policies in order to avoid any complications.

In case you are looking to cater to the Swedish market, here’s a brief outline of the modern third party e-commerce policy for it:

Language for Agreements

As per the Swedish rules for an online store, the terms/agreements of a deal and the information it holds should be in a language that is easily comprehensible by the Swedish population. Hence, it should preferably be in Swedish.

Conflict of Laws for Purchases

In case of a sale, both parties are free to choose which country’s laws should apply to an agreement. However, the customer have the right to invoke protective legislations that are held by their own country.

Consumers’ Withdrawal Rights

As per Swedish Distance Contract Act (Distansavtalslagen), the consumer has the right to cancel an purchase agreement within 14 days of receiving the goods. With the cancelation, a confirmation should be sent in order to ensure that the message has been received.


According to Swedish law, companies are liable for any defects that might appear within three years of the purchase. If there are any defects, you are required to either repair the product, offer a refund or a brand new product etc.

Contracting Process

There are specific laws defined in The Electronic Commerce Act about how a buyer should place the order. Although not exhaustive, these are some of the modern third party e-commerce policies for selling goods online in Sweden. It is recommended that you choose a third-party logistics company that is aware of the policies and adheres to them while marketing products.

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