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Increased demand for e-commerce SaaS

Prime Penguin was featured in a recent report from Digital Capital Advisors in an outlook on trends and innovation. The report highlights how the recent growth in e-commerce has also put higher demand on retailers.

“COVID-19 lockdowns have accelerated the rate of consumers being comfortable with shopping online.  But increased volumes and higher demands on services like fast shipping, easy returns, and quality information can be challenging for sellers. Changing consumer behaviors are forcing the industry to adapt fast to new technological infrastructure in the shift to online selling.”

DCA concludes that brands are increasingly turning to e-commerce SaaS partners. Instead of developing their own solutions, they seek high-tech services that are easy to integrate into their existing platforms. Delighted to be named as one of the companies that are innovating the industry. By connecting brands with trusted 3PL suppliers and delivering seamless orchestration of e-commerce logistics from a single unified platform.

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