Foreign 3PL Companies

What is meant by a 3PL company?

A 3PL company, also known as TPL, is a third-party solution to your logistics that provides services such as freight management, warehousing, management of distribution, and freight consolidation. Thanks to technological advancements, your 3PL company could be located anywhere in the world. If you are an e-shop that caters to customers at different locations in the world, you can choose a foreign 3PL company as your logistics partner in order to get closer to those customers.

When you are looking to outsource the logistics of your e-shop, you should look for the best quality of service as it facilitates the growth of your business. By not restricting yourself to domestic companies, you are able to compare the benefits and disadvantages of foreign 3PL companies with the domestic ones in terms of services and reliability. This, in turn, will help you make a well-considered decision.

Due to technological development, the world has become a smaller place as communication capabilities have brought people closer to each other. Therefore, the distance of the foreign 3PL company is no longer a matter of concern as you will be able to communicate and coordinate easily with them.

The choice of your 3PL partner should not depend on whether the company is domestic or foreign. On the other hand, you will need to choose one based on the following factors:

– The expertise of the Company

– Reliability

– Quality of services offered

– Speed of deliveries

– Ease of integration

You can compare different domestic and foreign 3PL companies based on the above criteria and any other factors specific to your business.

Prime Penguin provides complete services for outsourcing your logistics through 3PL companies, as we offer a cloud-based platform with a vast network of partners that helps you with the logistical activities. You will get a full overview of the process, in real-time, giving you complete control over the logistics. We ensure seamless integration of your e-shop to most major e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify. We connect you digitally to various satellite warehouses at locations of your choice and our platform can be accessed by any device that you prefer to control the activities.


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