As a result of greenhouse gas emissions, climate models predict global warming, with the risk of changing and in the worst case destroying our ecosystem. Most industries are affected and e-commerce is not an exception.

Today’s situation

More than 40 billion e-commerce transactions are being made each year globally. This amount is expected to grow at a steady pace in the upcoming years and is obviously contributing to its fair share of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

One of the biggest parts of e-commerce, in terms of pollution, comes from the delivery of goods to its end clients. The amount of pollution is of course affected by the total distance for the delivery, but also by how it is delivered.

Prime Penguin Environment

Prime Penguin’s contribution

Our cloud-based platform for logistics outsourcing enables e-shops to find and establish multiple “satellite” warehouses on a global scale.

Prime Penguin helps e-shops to find, control and overview those warehouses located near its clients. This, of course, minimizes the order delivery time, but most likely and if done right, also the total amount of CO2 pollution.

One example is that the technology and network of Prime Penguin have the potential of cutting down on the emissions occurring by flight transport without causing any delay in the order delivery time. Those long distance direct deliveries can be changed into shorter and more environmentally friendly deliveries, thanks to the smartness of Prime Penguin.

As a user of Prime Penguin, you are always encouraged to share your contributions and suggestions on how to improve things even more. Our environment is highly important and will always be prioritized.

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