Best 3PL Solutions for E-commerce

In order for an e-store to be successful, the logistics of the store should be managed efficiently. Since logistics is such a vital component of an e-commerce business, whomever should take care of it, has to be chosen carefully. Businesses have the possibility to outsource their logistics to companies that offer the Best 3PL solutions for e-commerce.

What are the best 3PL solutions for E-commerce?


When a third-party is being selected for logistics management, it should be compliant with the e-commerce platform of your store. This implies simple and easy integration of the 3PL system to your e-shop.

Flexibility and Scalability

The 3PL partner should be able meet your demands by any means, whether the business has just started or are in the process of growing and seeking to expand. This allows you to run your business smoothly and scale up whenever necessary.


Just like any other domain, the field of logistics is experiencing rapid advancements in technology. The company that provides the best 3PL solutions for e-commerce should be up to date with the latest technologies and be aware of new technologies to come.


The best 3PL solutions for e-commerce require adequate warehousing facilities for your products. The 3PL partner you select ought to have facilities close to your customers, ensuring that the products that have been bought are delivered on time.


The best 3PL solutions for e-commerce have access to multiple modes of transport, ensuring accessibility and timely deliveries with the best combination of sorts.

Order Fulfillment

Customers often experience that wrong orders are being delivered or that damage has come to the products during the transport. The companies that provide the best 3PL solutions for E-commerce ensure correct deliveries and that the products that are being delivered are handled with care and precision.

Prime Penguin is a Stockholm based tech venture that offers 3PL solutions for e-commerce by connecting your business to a vast network of 3PL partners, both domestically and internationally. We offer a cloud-based platform with a simple plug and play for your e-store, giving you a complete overview of your logistics in real-time and allowing you to outsource your logistical activities while having full control.

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