Magento 3PL Solution


There are numerous e-shops that use various e-commerce platforms for setting up their store. Out of these platforms, one of the most popular ones is Magento. If you are an e-shop owner using Magento, you will require efficient 3PL solutions for Magento in order to manage your store properly.

One of the biggest challenges for a Magento store owner is managing the entire logistics process of the store in a hassle-free manner. Generally, store owners outsource the logistics to a third party. However, outsourcing to a 3PL company instigates the risk of losing control of logistics management. Also, finding an efficient 3PL solution provider for Magento can be a demanding task.

So what is the solution?

Prime Penguin will help you out!

Prime Penguin offers complete outsourcing services to your e-commerce business and will connect you to 3PL providers all over the world. You will still have complete control of the logistical process by getting a full overview of the activities through their cloud-based platform.

How does Prime Penguin work?

– We offer a simple plug and play solution to manage the logistics for your Magento store.

– Prime Penguin is fully integrated into Magento.

– We have a list of select 3PL logistics partners whom you can access and set up your satellite warehouses close to your customers.

– You will be able to follow all your logistics activity digitally from your favorite device

– This solves your problem of control! You can now have complete control over managing your logistics

Thus Prime Penguin makes logistics management for your e-shop simple and economical by offering outsourcing 3PL solutions for your Magento store.

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